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Kitty takes a trip

mtn-lionThis stunning 10-month old mountain lion was my passenger today. How amazing it was driving through Colorado, Utah, and Nevada with her in a crate directly behind my seat. She was just one foot behind me. Remember that old song, “What’s New Pussycat”? I was singing that to her and she was singing right along with me :) and we had such a long, beautiful, and wonderful day together. She was a very chill passenger. No growling, no meowing, and only one hiss. Oh and that strange, fuzzy thing in the front right of the photo is her teddy bear. She also has a ball, a very large ball, on a rope. Isn’t she the prettiest kitty-cat ever?! What a gift she was. I’m honored STAT was chosen to transport a cougar. We expect to do more exotic transports in the future.


Anytime, Anywhere.  We'll get them there!
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If your pet needs to go to the vet, the emergency room, day care or the groomer, we can provide a safe, comfortable ride. If your pet is moving to a new home, we offer both ground and air animal relocation services.  Ground transportation is offered throughout the USA and Canada.  Air transportation and all the appropriate formalities are offered for USA and Canadian pet relocation services. Wherever you want your pets to go, we can get get them there.  Please see the FAQ’s for more information. 


Long Distance

  • Ground transportation available in the US and Canada
  • Airport drop-off and pick-up
  • Canadian shipping in compliance with IPATA and USDA guidelines and regulations.
  • Just call and we will accommodate your needs and the needs of your animals.


  • To the vet, day care, or groomer.
  • To the trainer, treatment or physical therapy
  • Just let us know where your animal would like to go today.


We take ill or injured animals to the closest emergency veterinarian.


pot-bellie-pigs Wow! We had the pleasure and honor to move two, very large, pot bellied pigs from Argyle, Texas to Park City, Utah. We turned the back of the van into a comfy, soft bed of straw. The pigs used a ramp to get into and out of the van. Mrs. Patmore weighs 180# and Daisy weighs 100#. It was a real adventure. And with the help of Thom Munholland, it was a smashing success. Thank you Thom!
tap This is Tap, a 10 month old Golden Retriever who moved from Meeteetse, WY to Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada.  He was an outstanding passenger during the long drive.  We had many fun experiences over 4 days on the road. 

This eight week old Siberian Husky moved from Delta, CO to Englewood, CO.  Look at those blue eyes!  He was a terrific little traveler. 

Free Transportation to Fort Collins Spay and Neuter Clinic

stubbyThis handsome guy is Stubby.  He is being neutered today at the Fort Collins Spay and Neuter Clinic.  STAT offers free transportation to the FCSNC.  We do this because we strongly believe in doing what we can to decrease the population of unwanted animals.  Please call us to get more information.  Let us help you spay/neuter your pets.

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