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What makes your ground transportation service different?

I drive our long distance pet relocations myself and the following is my standard protocol

  • While driving dogs, I’ll stop every 2 to 3 hours to give them a comfort break and stretch their legs.  Your furry family members will never be left alone except when I need a 5 minute comfort break.  The A/C or heat is always on in the vehicle to keep them safe and comfortable.  I provide the travel crates and I’ll gladly bring toys, food, bowls, litter, litter boxes, and bedding.
  • All will have access to fresh water 24 hours a day.  I will feed them according to your written instructions.  If your pet needs oral or sub-q meds, I will administer them.
  • Your family members will be my only passengers and will not be exposed to any possible health issues from other pets.  They will be securely crated or gated into the vehicle during the drive, which is the safest way to transport pets.
  • I plan 8 hours of drive time each day.  Depending upon traffic, weather, construction, and comfort breaks along the way, that 8-hour drive can stretch out into 10 to 12 hours of travel time.  We stay in pet friendly lodging during the trip.  If your pets are used to sleeping in bed and want to do so, they are welcome on the bed while we are on the road.
  • Due to variations in origination, destination, and fuel prices, it is not possible to provide a standard price for our services.  Please call or email for a quote.
  • Regarding safety, affection, attention to detail, and comfort, there is no other pet shipper that will treat your family members better than STAT.  Guaranteed!

If you have any additional questions, please call me at 970.556.8661 or email me.

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