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Dogs and Cancer

Web MD has this excellent article

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Dear Lorry, 
It has been three weeks since you delivered my sweet dogs & cats to their new home. Everyone has adjusted quite well and quickly thanks to the excellent care you provided on the almost 1,300 mile journey. There aren’t words to thank you enough. Your kindness made this transition much easier than our last move when the critters had to travel by plane. That trip was stressful for them and prolonged their adjustment period. The best testament to the difference you and STAT made to this move is the way my five-year-old pup tried to hop in your van as you were leaving. She is normally slow to warm to new people. Her attachment to you speaks volumes about how loved and safe she felt with you during your three days together on the road. Even the cats seemed pleased with your company. They didn’t give me the usual cold shoulder treatment after a few days apart. I truly appreciate your being so wonderful to them all. The older kitty can be quite difficult, but you won her over. She asked me to sign this note “Love and hisses, with sincere thanks.”
-Kristin J.

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