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Thank you. I know from listening to the phone calls that you are well thought of among our pet transportation specialists. We tend to recommend out requests for ground transport rather than book them ourselves. I’m sure they will continue to give your number.

Accounting Department,

A fellow IPATA shipper

MarthaMarthaI recently had the pleasure of working with Lorry at Safely There.  It was very difficult for me at first to trust my beloved dog to a stranger for a cross-country trip.  I was put at ease very quickly by Lorry’s excellent communication and fast response time.  She texted me pictures of Martha throughout the journey and I was comforted to see that Martha was visibly happy.  Lorry treated Martha wonderfully, kept in close touch and was on time.   I am keenly aware of Martha’s behavior and she behaved with Lorry as she behaves with me.  That is to say, she was very comfortable.  For this I am extremely grateful. 

I unequivocally recommend Lorry and her service to anyone who needs personalized transportation services for a beloved pet.  She is fantastic.



My number one priority was that Lola & Duke (my feline children) travel from Denver to Cincinnati with the least stress possible. My second priority was not falling apart in the process. Fortunately for our four legged companions, there are laws and specific regulations to help keep them safe and comfortable when traveling. It was tough enough to send them on to a new home. Then, top that with making sure all the details come together smoothly.

In comes Lorry, cool and calm, professional and reassuring. She handled everything. I was able to be fully present and focus on enjoying my babies for that last week.

Thank you Lorry – You made sure my children arrived safe and well. And, you saved me significant stress and strain. What a wonderful service you offer – I am so very grateful.

Donna McKinney

STAT has proven to be a great resource for Pets Forever, a Colorado State University sponsored non-profit organization that helps low-income elderly and disabled pet owners. STAT has enabled Pets Forever to safely transport multiple animals for both short and long distances with full confidence they will travel comfortably and arrive safely. Lorry Schmitz, the owner, responds quickly to email or voice messages and is a delight to work with. I would recommend STAT to anyone who wants to transport their animals in a safe, affordable, worry-free manner.
Lori Kogan, PhD
Pets Forever Founder/Director

We utilized this service yesterday to transport a dog from Aurora to Colorado Springs. Lorry was professional and helpful and patient and the entire process was easy and I really appreciated her quick responses! I have no idea when (or if) I'll ever need to use a pet transportation service again but will most definitely use this company if that ever happens! Thanks again, Lorry! :-)

Debra Leisner Trelut

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