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USDA Certification

Safely There Animal Transportation is certified by the United States Department of Agriculture and adheres to all the rules and regulations of the Animal Welfare Act.

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About Us

Picture of Lorry, Matisse, and Laney
Lorry and Friends

Founder/CEO Lorry Schmitz has always had a special bond with animals.  When Lorry was 9 months old, her dad brought into the family a Great Dane puppy named Thunder.  Lorry and Thunder grew up together, although Thunder grew a lot faster than Lorry did.  They were instant friends and as Thunder grew and matured, he knew he was Lorry's protector.  Even when it was time for a walk, if Lorry had the other end of the leash, Thunder knew to walk slowly and to be gentle.  If another family member was at the other end of the leash, Thunder used his opportunity to get where he wanted to go when he wanted to get there.  Lorry has spent much of her life caring for and living with animals, including pets with cancer, diabetes, gastric torsion, and feeding tubes.

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